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  • “As a sports medicine physician, I have had the opportunity to work alongside outstanding therapists and chiropractors over the years. As an endurance athlete, I have been fortunate to receive excellent treatment for nagging injuries. Dr. Vince DiSaia specializes in Active Release Therapy and is a leader in his field. He treats all of his patients independently and always maintains a professional level of care.”

    Sam S.
  • “Dr. Vince got to work and the pain slowly went away. I felt amazing. I was getting faster on my bike and able to run without any pain. Things were great and I completed my first half ironman in June 2014. One of the best days of my life!”

    Laura B.
  • “Dr. DiSaia,

    I can’t thank you enough for keeping me tuned up to achieve my “personal excellence”. 2017 Ironman Arizona: 9:32:57, 1st Place 50-54″

    Mike C.
  • “Thank you to Dr. Vince DiSaia for helping & guiding me, to be a healthier “Me”.  With his help, I am learning to improve – my Mind, my Body and my Soul. Momentum Sports Therapy’s “Wellness Program” (developed by Dr. Vince DiSaia) is Incredible!! And it works!!  It’s customized to my needs and my lifestyle.”

    Jen N.
  • “Dr. Vince,

    Thanks for training me in the world of healthy eating!!!  Just got my results back and the Doc was astonished at the new levels. Triglycerides went down from 254 to 83…crazy.  Good cholesterol went up, bad went down, and levels look great he said.  Not only do you cure backs but you cure arteries too, can’t thank you enough.”

    Kris G., MLB Scout
  • “Amazing results! Received nutritional education in running, strengthening (which I didn’t know I needed), and nutritional education which was a huge eye opener as I was certainly not eating what I should to support the running I was doing. Dr. DiSaia gave me a weight lifting program to follow and I a getting stronger each week. I am in training to be ’50’ and Dr. DiSaia is helping me get there…. to be in the best shape of my life in my 50’s!!!!”

    Shelly T.
  • “Momentum is the first and last place I stop every time I travel through Southern California. Dr. Vince and his staff are absolute top of the field as far as diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and most importantly- STAYING HEALTHY. Dr. DiSaia is incredibly thoughtful and patient. In all my years competing and accruing injuries, I would rank his diagnostic skills at the top. He was instrumental in helping me recover from hip surgery and getting ready to compete again.”


    Tim S.



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