Benefits of Foam Rolling

benefits of foam rolling, foam rolling for sports, sports therapy orange countyI am a big fan of foam rolling.  It’s something that is easy to do and has a lot of benefits.  Unfortunately, most people wait until they are injured to use a foam roller, either because they didn’t know about it or because they don’t make the time for it.   However, the benefits of foam rolling go far beyond recovering from an injury and should be a regular part of every athletes training program.  Here are three benefits from using a foam roller.

Breaks Up Fascia

Fascia is the tissue that connects muscles together.  When fascia gets injured or tight, it can affect the ability of the muscles to work together and function the way they are supposed to.  By using a foam roller, it breaks up the fascia, allowing your muscles and your body to move freely.

Improves Blood Flow

Working out breaks down your muscles.  That’s why your muscles feel tired and sore after a hard training session.  In order for your body to build those muscles back up, you need nutrients and oxygen, which are supplied by blood.  In addition, increased blood to the muscles helps flush the toxins out.  The more blood you can get to your muscles, the faster they will rebuild.  This will speed up your recovery time and allow you to workout at a higher intensity with less down time between workouts.

Reduces Muscle Tightness

Tight muscles can be painful and limit your activity level.  Stretching is important for maintaining flexibility and should be a part of your workout routine.  Using a foam roller in addition to stretching can help reduce muscle tightness even more.  A foam roller affects the muscles differently than stretching.  Foam rolling creates excess stimulation on the muscle.  When this happens, your body tells the muscle to shut down, helping it relax.

I recommend using a foam roller every day.  You can roll your entire lower body in 4-5 minutes.  Not only will this help your performance, but it will also reduce your risk of injury.

If you are interested in learning more about how to recover from an injury or preventing one in the first place, give us a call at 949-916-9742.  We offer a free consultation to our first-time clients.

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