“Primary Care” Physician??

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Over the years I’ve helped many people to not only overcome injuries, but restore health on many levels.  This could be in the form of weight loss, more energy, improved GI health, and many other things.  In many instances these … Continued

Top 5 Tips to Better Sleep

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  Sleep is really an under-appreciated art. Many people brag about how little sleep they can get away with and still function at high levels. Sleeping 5 hours and night is seen as a milestone and many people are jealous … Continued

Recovery: The Missing Link

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When someone is training, whether it be for an event or just to get in better shape, many hours are spent not only planning each days’ activities, but also in working towards a goal.  Most athletes spend most of their … Continued

When Does Training Hurt You?

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One of the most overlooked pieces of any training schedule are the days and times where you are supposed to do NOTHING.  While most competitive athletes consider these days as a waste they are probably the most important days.  In … Continued

Sciatica: What is the Source?

Sciatica: What is the Source? One of the most common things that I see in my office is Sciatica.  In fact, many patients come to their first visit and tell me straight away that they have sciatica.  Self diagnosis is … Continued