The 5 Pillars of Health

The reason our wellness clients have such great success is because we create programs that focus on all 5 pillars of health. It is crucial to address each one of these when trying to optimize someone’s health, otherwise only mediocre results will be achieved. Our customized programs address Detoxification, Nutrition, Movement/Fitness, Stress Management, and Sleep.


Neuroendocrine System

The Neuroendocrine System is basically consists of the numerous mechanisms that
make up your nervous system’s interaction with your hormones. The neuroendocrine system is the mechanism by which the hypothalamus (part of the brain) maintains homeostasis, regulating reproduction, metabolism, eating and drinking behavior, energy regulation, and blood pressure. This is a very important pillar to address because if your brain and hormones are not working efficiently then it becomes difficult to fix anything else in the body. Many of the times this will be the main, initial focus of our wellness programs because of its high level of importance. Things such as your adrenal system, sex hormones, neurotransmitters, energy levels, and food metabolism parameters will be comprehensively tested, analyzed, and professionally addressed. Normalizing hormone function can often be the missing link and normalization can make the rest of the health journey significantly easier!.


Most people understand that nutrition is a key component to optimized health. However, the marketing machine of the food industry confuses people. Our goal is to uncover each client’s specific nutritional needs while educating them about making wise decisions and deciphering the food labeling chaos. Food sensitivities and allergies are becoming exceedingly common and without the correct information many people are continually causing damage to themselves simply by eating certain things every day. Nutrition information changes at a rapid rate and without proper mentoring it can be very difficult for the average person to stay well informed.



We all know that exercise is important, but most people don’t realize that it is a crucial component to optimal health. Certain systems in the body cannot function fully without exercise. The fitness pillar allows us to specifically guide our clients through the most efficient and effective exercises that relate to their goals. We uncover the science behind exercise and arm our clients with this knowledge so they get the maximum benefit in the least amount of time.



Sleep is one of the most important functions of the human body.  New discoveries on the importance of sleep are occurring every year.  The only time that we are truly growing, recovering, and healing is while we sleep.  Reduction in sleep duration and quality is getting worse every year and is one of the reasons that global health continues to decline.  We teach our clients the true science behind sleep, why it is so important, and all the tips to help improve duration, quality, and rhythm of sleep.


Stress Management

One thing that we all have to deal with is stress. It will never go away completely so the real trick is to learn how to manage and deal with stress effectively. This pillar is one of the most crucial and without addressing it, the other pillars can be negated. Not only does improved health allow you to manage stress better, but learning effective self-care strategies can make a massive difference in your well-being. For this reason Stress Management is a pillar that we focus on during our wellness programs.

Our wellness programs have helped numerous people take control of their health through a systematic, customized approach to wellness.  Learn everything you need to know to improve and protect your health for the rest of your life.  For more information on how our wellness programs may be able to change your life, contact us today and schedule your Functional Medicine Consultation.



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