GMO Labeling Would ‘Deliver Many Benefits’

The term “GMO” has become a hot topic in recent times. 

There is a huge push to get all GMO products labeled so that consumers have the choice to purchase them or not.  However, the food industry is pushing back hard to prevent the mandatory labeling of these items. 

GMO Labeling benefits, problems with GMO foods, nutritionist IrvineAs always occurs, money and powerful lobby interests seem to push the direction of lawmaking in favor of corporations instead of the people.  The argument against GMO labeling, however, is also very popular and states that GMO products are completely safe and the public has nothing to worry about.  In my opinion, most people on both sides of the argument, just don’t have all the information to decide on the matter. 

In a very recent publication, Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., and Charles Benbrook, Ph.D., published a commentary in the New England Journal of Medicine.  For those who are unaware, this journal is probably the most respected journal in the medical world.  So, research articles and commentaries do not appear in this journal unless there is some serious science to support them.

In this commentary, Dr. Landrigan and Dr. Benbrook quickly and simply explain the reasons why GMO foods should be labeled and the FDA should reconsider how we grow these crops.  They state that the studies used by the Environmental Protection Agency to deem safe the herbicides used on GMO crops were ‘flawed’ and completely contravened ‘federal pesticide law’.

It goes on to show that the chemical compounds found in these herbicides has been proven already to be a ‘probably human carcinogen’ and that detailed study and assessment of these compounds linked them to increases in malignant tumors. 

Not only are the authors greatly concerned with the human health effects of the GMO foods themselves, but they clearly show how the herbicides used specifically on these GMO crops pose a grave threat to human health.

The final recommendation by Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., and Charles Benbrook, Ph.D, is that laws on GMO labeling need to be completely revisited with all the evidence and that GMO labeling ‘will deliver many benefits’.

Please take the time to read this very quick commentary and learn about some of the real concerns involving GMO foods.  These laws are all being discussed right now and it is important that we voice our opinions. 

Read this quick informative commentary at the following link:

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