How We Work with Patients

At Momentum Sports Therapy, our practice is built around functional health.  We don’t simply focus on your spine or muscles, we take many different factors into consideration when working with our patients. 

functional medicine, healthy without drugs, momentum sports therapyThere are five pillars of health that we focus on with our patients when we work with them:

Fitness – you can’t be healthy if you don’t exercise. Fitness is vital to being healthy.

Neuromuscular System – this includes your nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.  If any of these are injured or not working, it will affect your overall health. 

Nutrition – simply put, your health is derived from what you eat.  If you don’t eat healthy, nutritious food, your overall health will suffer.

Hormones – there are over 600 hormones in your body and they control different functions.  If any of these are dysfunctional, it can throw off your health.   

Detox Pathways – your body naturally rids itself of the toxins it is exposed to every day.  If these pathways don’t function properly, it can be detrimental to your health.

When people come to meet with us, they usually fall into two groups – those who are looking for assistance due to pain and those who want to just improve their overall health. 

People who are looking for physical help are usually in some kind of pain.  We put together a plan to help them not only get out of pain, but also to fix the primary cause of the injury.  We focus these plans around the first and second pillars – fitness and neuromuscular health – but we also incorporate the other pillars into the plan as well.  Sometimes, we find that the other pillars can be contributing to the physical health of the patient as well.  For example, chronic dehydration or poor diet can be contributing to poor muscular health and excessive inflammation in the body. 

The other major group of people are those who want to be healthier overall and are looking to progress to a healthy lifestyle.  Maybe they are suffering from chronic illness, looking to get off or avoid medications, or maybe they simply want to optimize their health.  We look at all five pillars and create a plan to help get them healthier.  This includes fitness tests, lab testing, detailed history, consultations, and functional movement tests, among other factors.  We compile what we find and then put together a plan for getting that person healthier.  However, the most important aspect of this is the desire of the patient to optimize their health.  If they aren’t 100% committed to the process, it won’t work the way it’s supposed to. 

If you feel that you fall into one of these two groups and are looking for help, I encourage you to call us and set up a consultation.  The first meeting is free and we can discuss what options you have. 

In the end, our number one goal is to get all of our patients as healthy as we can.  By looking at these five pillars, it gives us a holistic view of a persons health, which allows us to not just manage pain, but achieve optimal health.

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