At Momentum Functional Health we do everything we can do help improve health and performance.  Lab testing can many time uncover areas that need to be addressed before complete health can be achieved.  We utilize a comprehensive symptom analysis and detailed history to determine which lab tests are best to run in each situation.  These reports allow us to create specific, customized protocols for each client so that we can achieve results quickly and efficiently. 


Some of the most common lab testing that we use with our clients include the following:

Bio-Screen Functional Blood Analysis

Wide array of blood markers analyzed with functional ranges to ensure that levels are appropriate to support optimum performance in areas such as thyroid production, iron levels, inflammation control, oxygen carrying capacity, immune system support, Vitamin D levels, Vitamin B12 levels, and many others.


Adrenal Stress Profiles (DUTCH test)

Unique test that reveals your body’s efficiency in producing various stress and sex hormones.  These are crucial to understanding if you are able to correctly respond to stressors and have the ability to fully recover and handle the stress of daily life.  Dysfunctions in the adrenals can lead to a cascade of problems that can cause an inability to sleep, poor blood sugar control, dysfunction in numerous hormones, and many other global health effects.


Organic Acids Testing

Test that looks at a large number of metabolites in the urine to assess markers related to central energy production, detoxification pathways, neurotransmitter breakdown, and intestinal microbial activity.  Helps to determine how well the body’s metabolic processes are occurring and if there are areas that can be improved for overall increased energy production and decreased inflammation.


Digestive GI Pathogen Screens

Stool test that assesses the health of the GI environment.  We now refer to the gut as the body’s ‘second brain’ due to its vital role in overall health.  GI system health is crucial to keeping inflammation low and allowing for optimized nutrient absorption.  The digestive system is responsible for not only nutrient absorption, but it is also very important for optimizing immune system heath and in hormone production and regulation.


Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acid Testing

Essential and metabolic fatty acids are very important ingredients that support full health in many aspects.  One of the biggest concerns with the fatty acids is the ratio in which they are present in the body.  A proper ratio signals your body to be anti-inflammatory, while an improper ratio will do the opposite.  Understanding exactly what ratios are present in your body helps to make a concrete plan at create a more anti-inflammatory environment to help prevent disease promotion, protect your heart, and decrease stress to your entire body.


Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities are extremely common today and can be a major reason for inflammation within the body and overall poor health.  They can also be the catalyst or major irritant that exacerbates many auto-immune diseases.  Gluten sensitivity is just one of many tests that can assess your bodies reaction to various foods to make sure you are not consistently eating things that are severely damaging your health. 


Detoxification Programs

Detox programs are everywhere you look today.  However, the vast majority of them do nothing of the sort.   Our detox programs are highly effective and significantly improve your health. Using a modified diet along with powerful nutraceuticals you will eliminate all possible irritants from your diet and use supplementation to detoxify your liver, optimize the health of your GI system, massively reduce inflammation, improve Vitamin D levels, and eliminate any ‘bad bugs’ in your system.  Almost everyone experiences weight loss, significant increases in energy, improved GI function, and enhanced mental clarity. 


Understanding exactly what areas need to be addressed is the only way to truly make beneficial changes.  If you’re not testing, then you’re just guessing.  If you are interested in really unlocking your potential and optimizing your health let us tell you which one of these lab protocols might be right for you.  For more information or to set up an appointment, call our office today and we’ll start creating a roadmap for your overall health and success!

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