Nutrition: Finally Achieving Your Goals

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By Vince DiSaia

We’ve all made that promise at one time or another to get in great shape.  However, most people not only fall short of their goal, but barely even get started.  One major reason that many people give up their fitness goals is because they don’t see any results to keep them motivated.  If you can see that your plan is working then the goal becomes obtainable and you are excited to keep on task.

The #1 motivator when it comes to fitness is results!!

Now, imagine that you are working out extremely hard and not seeing much change in your fitness.  How depressing!  And how easy it would be to just give up!  Many times this is not because you are not working hard or giving it 110% in the gym, but because your nutrition does not match your goals.  It has been proven in some studies that nutrition is responsible for up to 80% of weight loss!  This is a huge number and without following the proper diet it can make it nearly impossible to reach your fitness goals, especially if you are trying to just tone-up or lose the last little bit of weight.  This doesn’t mean simply cutting massive amounts of calories or avoiding all carbs.  These have become the most ‘popular‘ short cuts and can many times halt fitness progress rather than help it.  Making the right nutritional choices is critical to not only overall health, but also to achieving your specific goals.  We find all too often that poor nutrition, or too little nutrition, is the primary cause that people can’t lose weight or don’t find adequate improvements in performance.

Whether your goal is too finally lose some weight, get into the best shape of your life, or to have your best competitive season, nutrition plays a massive part in that plan.  Not only eating the right foods, but also using the correct supplements and recovery nutrition.  Make sure it is healthy, clean, and free from useless sugars and harmful ingredients.  Don’t let all of your hard work get minimized by your lack of understanding and follow through with proper nutrition.  It may make the difference between success and failure!

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