Our Performance Therapy Process

Optimal Performance Pathway

At Momentum Functional Health our goal is to always analyze each client with multiple tools and assessments to truly understand the dynamics of each individual’s condition. It is for this reason that we have developed our unique Optimal Performance Pathway. This progression summarizes how we work with our clients and take them from initial analysis to program completion. Each step is utilized to not only eliminate any pain you may be having, but also to fully optimize the health of your entire body. This goes well beyond just managing pain as we always additionally work to improve movement patterns, strengths and weaknesses, recovery times, nutritional health, and overall wellness.

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Step 1: Comprehensive Initial Analysis

Digital Postural Analysis

Chiropractic Exam

Functional Movement Screen

Muscle Strength and Firing Pattern Analysis

Step 2: Restore

During this stage the main priorities are to reduce pain and improve the health of the damaged structures. Focusing on strength and exercises at this point is not only inefficient, but can many times provoke pain or enhance dysfunctional patterns. Restoring the muscles, joints, and nervous system to full health first ensures that we can retrain the body efficiently and effectively. Nutrition is also another key component to this stage. Recovery can be significantly hindered if nutritional health is not optimized. Ensuring proper diet and providing appropriate short-term supplementation allows for the body to heal quickly.

Step 3: Retrain

Once the body’s tissues have begun to heal sufficiently it is important to make sure that functional patterns and muscle firing patterns are retrained. While there is still a need to continue improving muscle, joint, and nerve health, this is the best time to improve the brain-body connection. Many times these deficiencies are the primary cause of the initial injury so it is crucial to retrain these patterns before full return to activity. This not only allows for improved overall function, but most times will allow you to return to activity stronger than before the injury.

Step 4: Reinforce

Once the body is restored to health and moving efficiently, strengthening can now occur. This stage allows us to guide the athlete back into full activity and assist them with exercises and routines to maintain their progress and optimize performance. This assistance can consist of proper warm-ups, supplemental exercises, proper recovery techniques, improved nutrition, and/or targeted supplementation to maximize training efforts. This is the ‘fun’ stage where the athlete can notice significant improvements in training, but can only be realized if the Restore and Retrain stages are completed sufficiently.