Elite Performance Programs

At Momentum Functional Health we have created programs specifically designed to test and optimize all areas related to enhancing performance.  Whether you are an elite athlete or a busy executive, performing at your best needs to happen each and everyday.  Having the ability to increase energy production, enhance your immune system, decrease inflammation levels, and/or optimize nutrient absorption can make the difference in your success levels.  With our Elite Performance Programs, we take the guesswork out of optimizing your health and order tests that can specifically show you what areas can be improved.  Some of the testing utilized in these programs include:

Bio-Screen Functional Blood Analysis

Wide array of blood markers analyzed with functional ranges to ensure that levels are appropriate to support optimum performance in areas such as thyroid production, iron levels, inflammation markers, oxygen carrying capacity, immune system support, and many others.

Adrenal Stress Profile

Unique test that reveals an athlete's production of various stress and sex hormones.  These are crucial to understanding if an athlete is correctly responding to stressors and has the ability to fully recover and handle the strain of high training loads.  Dysfunctions in this area can lead to a cascade of problems that will lead to inability to perform at high levels.

Organic Acids Testing

Test that looks at a large number of metabolites in the urine to assess markers related to central energy production, detoxification pathways, neurotransmitter breakdown, and intestinal microbial activity.  Helps to determine how well the body's metabolic processes are occurring and if there are areas that can be improved for overall increased energy production and decreased inflammation.

Digestive GI Pathogen Screen

Stool test that assesses the health of the GI environment.  GI system health is crucial to keeping inflammation low and allowing for optimized nutrient absorption.  The digestive system is responsible for not only nutrient absorption, but it is also very important for optimizing immune system health and in hormone production and regulation.

Our functional medicine programs use these specific laboratory tests and metabolic assessments to analyze the exact systems that contribute to energy, recovery, mental clarity, and optimized health to help you:

Speed Recovery Time

Improve Energy Levels

Increase Training Ability

Enhance Mental Clarity

Drastically Improve Overall Health

Uncover Specific Ways to Improve Performance

Each program is customized and allows for the creation of a specific, comprehensive game plan to systematically improve all facets of health and performance.  Stop guessing at your health and finally understand exactly what you need to do to maximize your health profile.  Call us to schedule your consultation and start optimizing your performance today.

Start performing your best!


Will-Yanagisawa-testimonialI was simply amazed by Dr. Vince’s understanding and application of Active Release Therapy as it pertained to my case. His understanding of how my body functioned during the golf swing enabled him to pinpoint the problem areas and focus my treatments accordingly.

- Will Y.

When I first met Dr. Vince his complete attention to my situation, thoroughness, and caring demeanor was so comforting to me. Ultimately, he put together a treatment plan using the Active Release Technique (ART) and in a very short time was able to substantially reduce my pain, increase the movement in my neck, and help me regain strength in my shoulder.

- Cindy L.