GMO Apples Approved by USDA and FDA

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Recently, the USDA approved a GMO apple to be safe for the ecosystem in which it is grown.  This apple is genetically modified simply so that it doesn’t turn brown after you cut it.

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Even more recently than that, the FDA has approved it to be sold in stores, restaurants, and institutions without the need for it to be labeled.  Because the FDA review was a voluntary review, they only made a suggestion that it should be labeled, but there are currently no guidelines for doing so.

Even more surprising than all of that is there have been no tests or studies on what this genetically modified piece of fruit will do to humans.  All of this has happened despite the many petitions and protests by people and organizations that are trying to protect the general public from being unknowingly subject to GMO foods. 

Ultimately, this is just a small battle in a larger war.  Food isn’t being labeled in such a way that consumers know what they are eating.  Most labels confuse people or trick them into thinking something is healthier than it actually is.  In this case, there will be no labels on a piece of food that is genetically modified, giving the consumer no real choice in the matter.

The problem with all of this is that if we, as consumers, don’t know if we are eating a genetically modified piece of food, how can we protect ourselves against the potential danger it imposes?  A genetically modified piece of food has the potential to negatively impact our health over time.  If we are introducing food that our body doesn’t recognize, it can cause our immune system to kick in and start attacking it.  If our body is exposed to this over time, it can have a dramatic affect on our health. 

Beyond all of this, why are we even trying to modify the apple like this?  Is it really that big of a deal if an apple turns brown?  Can’t we just eat it in one sitting?  Did we really need to alter it so that it looks just as pretty 30 minutes after we cut it?  The idea of introducing GMO food simply for cosmetic reasons seems very unnecessary and silly, especially considering the health risks that are possible. 

If you want to avoid unhealthy foods, the best thing you can do is eat as much whole food as possible and avoid anything packaged.  Preparing your meals only using fresh ingredients will help improve your nutrition tremendously.  And when you buy your food, purchase as much organic and/or locally grown food as possible.  There are literally farmers markets every day of the week in Orange County, so getting fresh local food is very accessible. This also helps you eat foods that are in season, which means more nutrients and less preservatives than purchasing food that is out of season and had to be shipped from another country. 

With all of this going on, it’s more important than ever to be educated about what you eat.  There is a lot of research you can do online to learn about eating healthy.  Additionally, talking to someone who specializes in health and nutrition to educate you can be extremely valuable.  After all, what you learn you will use three times a day for the rest of your life. 

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