Pain Care Versus Functional Care

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pain care, functional care, sports therapy lake forest, health,I feel strongly that everyone should be aware of the difference between pain care and functional care. By knowing the difference between these two, it will help you make more informed decisions about your healthcare.

First, let’s start with a basic understanding about these two approaches.

Pain care is pretty simple. If you are experiencing pain in your body, then something is wrong. If you aren’t experiencing pain, then everything must be fine. Because of this approach, the main goal is to stop the pain and if the pain is gone, then the patient is healthy.

The problem with this approach is it doesn’t address what underlying issue is actually causing the pain. That is where functional care comes in.

Functional care also addresses the pain, but then focuses on why there is pain to begin with and fixes the originating cause of the pain, not just the pain itself. This approach asks the question, “Why does it hurt and what is dysfunctional?” Functional care addresses the dysfunction causing the problem and focuses on overall health, beyond just addressing the pain.

For example, let’s say you are having pain in your knee. If you approach it from a pain care perspective, you should focus on the knee and massage it, or tape it, or even inject it with cortisone to make it feel better.

However, from a functional care approach, you want to try and figure out why the knee hurts. Knee pain is not usually caused primarily by the knee, but is caused by some kind of dysfunction in the hips. If you can address the dysfunction in the hips, then you can solve the knee pain long-term, while addressing the pain in the short-term.

If you don’t address that dysfunction, it doesn’t matter how much tape or cortisone you use, the pain will continue to come back.

Unfortunately, the traditional medical approach is geared towards the pain care model. Because of this, it’s important to understand that just because something doesn’t hurt doesn’t mean it is functioning properly.

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