The Paleo Cure


‘The Paleo Cure’ is a great book for anyone looking to find out more about ways to TRULY improve their health.  The author, Chris Kresser, is a functional medicine practitioner who not only has his own clinic, but also trains other health professionals how to practice in the functional medicine world.  This bestselling book is a minor reworking of his original book called ‘Your Personal Paleo Code’, with a new title, new cover, and minor alterations within the book.  If you read his original book, no need to read this one, but if you have not read it then do yourself a favor and add it to your reading list.  His ‘dietary’ viewpoint is very close to Paleo, but he takes an ancestral spin on it and explains it very well in the beginning chapters of the book.  Aside from the Paleo beliefs he also goes into detail about many of the most important aspects to pay attention to in your daily eating habits.  Many of the things he describes are exactly the ways in which we work with our clients and he does a great job of simply explaining them.  The book is a great read and will give you many ‘clinical pearls’ that can be simply applied to your daily life.