Smoothies vs Juicing – Which is Better?

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As we ring in the New Year, there will be a lot of resolutions made. While there are a variety of common resolutions, one that is consistently at the top is becoming more healthy. One of the easiest ways to improve your health is by eating more nutritious foods and eliminating foods that are bad for you. A great way to do that is by drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies. Another great way to get more nutrients is by juicing – drinking freshly pressed fruits and vegetable.

But which is better for you? Let me break down each of them.


Smoothies are great because you consume the entire fruit or vegetable when you drink the finished product. Because of this, you also get all the fiber that comes from a piece of fruit, which slows the absorption of the sugar into your body. Without the fiber, it can cause your blood sugar to spike.

However, there are some downsides to smoothies. Because a blade is used to chop up the fruits and vegetables in a smoothie, it puts heat and oxygen into the food and destroys some of the nutrients you are trying to consume.


On the other hand, when using a high quality juicer (more on that below), juicing keeps more of the nutrients in tact and delivers higher quality nutrients to your body. You can consume less volume, but still get a lot more nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables you are using.

However, because juicing eliminates the fiber from the fruit, it has the ability to cause your blood sugar to spike if you juice a lot of high-sugar content fruits.

Which is Better?

Ultimately, I believe that juicing is better for you than smoothies. Because you are able to get more nutrients and more high-quality nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables you are juicing, it is more beneficial to juice than to have a smoothie.

However, it’s important to note that there is nothing wrong with smoothies, you just get fewer nutrients out of it than if you were to juice.

If you want to start juicing, there are a couple options available to do so. The first is to purchase your own juicer. If you do this, it’s important you purchase either a cold press or masticating juicer. These keep as much of the nutrients in tact as possible, but are generally more expensive. The other common type of juicer is a centrifugal juicer. This type of juicer uses blades, so it eliminates the added benefits of juicing over smoothies.

The second option is to purchase juices. If you do this, it’s important that you know what goes into these juices (it should only be high quality fruits and vegetables). This can be a good option since juicing can take quite a while and it can be difficult to know what juices blend well together.

If you are interested in purchasing pre-pressed juice, we actually partner with Cold Press Juicery and carry the juice in our clinic. We highly recommend it for our patients who are looking to get healthier. If this is something you are interested in, please contact us at 949-916-9742.