“Amazing results! Received nutritional education in running, strengthening (which I didn’t know I needed), and nutritional education which was a huge eye opener as I was certainly not eating what I should to support the running I was doing. Dr. DiSaia gave me a weight lifting program to follow and I a getting stronger each week. I am in training to be ’50’ and Dr. DiSaia is helping me get there.... to be in the best shape of my life in my 50’s!!!!”

- Shelly Turley

Lake Elsinore

“Dr. Vince,

Thanks for training me in the world of healthy eating!!!  Just got my results back and the Doc was astonished at the new levels. Triglycerides went down from 254 to 83…crazy.  Good cholesterol went up, bad went down, and levels look great he said.  Not only do you cure backs but you cure arteries too, can’t thank you enough."

- Kris Gross


"My story is two fold however, when I walked into Momentum Sports Therapy just shy of a year ago I had no idea.  In November 2013 I volunteered at IMAZ with hope to race IMAZ the following year. I hired a coach, bought the bike, joined the team and thought I was golden. I ran the surf city half in February and for the first time I felt my hip….This was a new feeling but I chalked it up to the race and moved forward. I raced the desert international triathlon in March and for the second time felt my hip. However, this time I couldn’t pedal on my bike without being out of the saddle. I knew something wasn’t right. Two weeks after that I would run 5 miles and be held up for days. I would ride my bike and at mile 10 be in so much pain I had to stop.  I transferred my IMAZ registration to a half ironman. I was devistated  This is when I was referred to Dr. Vince.

Dr. Vince got to work and the pain slowly went away. I felt amazing. I was getting faster on my bike and able to run without any pain. Things were great and I completed my first half ironman in June 2014. One of the best days of my life! I continued to see Dr. Vince even though my training subsided drastically and I continued to feel great however, I wasn’t getting any faster. This is where I hit the rewind button. Go back to the beginning of the story again. When I first entered Dr. Vince’s office I would sit there waiting for him in a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. I was always freezing and frequently had the shakes. I would tell Dr. Vince that I didn’t eat breakfast or I had just got out of the pool. However, the shakes and the shivers continued. It was august and 85 degrees outside and I was cold. Dr. Vince suggested I get my blood taken. I actually didn’t listen to him for about two months until I did a triathlon in September and I puked twice and felt like I couldn’t move. Off to the clinic I went. The results concluded that I was severely anemic, iron deficient, b12 deficient, and vitamin D deficient. This explained my shivers, shakes, puking, and lethargic feelings during my last race. Per Dr. Vince I began taking supplements and to my surprise I instantly felt better. Now for the real kicker within 4 months of taking the supplements daily I dropped my minutes/mile run pace by over 2 minutes per mile in the marathon distance and increased by wattage/threshold power by over 50% on the bike. I also dropped my average 100 yard pace in the pool by 3 seconds….. nonetheless, I was able to SUSTAIN all these differences over time and I am still getting faster. People ask me what I did to get faster and I simply tell them heal your injuries and get your blood drawn. As Dr. Vince would say “It’s crazy what oxygenated blood and proper blood levels will do for a body”. You can do all the training in the world but if you body isn’t working properly you aren’t going to get very far. Thanks Dr. Vince…..Its nice to go outside in a tank top and shorts and not be freezing! It’s also really nice when people comment on how fast you got then ask how you did it. I tell everyone, “Just go see Dr. Vince."

- Laura Butler

Jen Nakamatsue Testimonial Pic

"Thank you to Dr. Vince DiSaia for helping & guiding me, to be a healthier “Me”.   With his help, I am learning to improve – my Mind, my Body and my Soul.  Momentum Sports Therapy’s “Wellness Program” (developed by Dr. Vince DiSaia) is Incredible!! And it works!!  It’s customized to my needs and my lifestyle.  After the first few months on the program, I was beginning to have more energy than I have had before.  I am learning which foods are good for me and I am becoming aware of which foods are harmful to me.   Learning new things about my health, from Dr. Vince, is very exciting.  I have my ups & downs, but Dr. Vince helps to keep me on track.

Dr. Vince DiSaia is the Best Chiropractor around.  He has treated me for various injuries in the past, and with the premier treatment that Dr. Vince provides, I’ve been able to recover quickly each time.  Prior to seeing Dr. Vince, I was having daily back issues.  After a few months of treatment, my mobility & range of motion increased tremendously and pain had decreased.  As a result, my golf swing and golf game improved.  I had gained 10 to 15 yards on my drives.  I love playing golf and I like it better, when I play without pain.  All due to Dr. Vince.

Thanks again to Dr. Vince and Momentum Sports Therapy for making a difference in my Well-being, my Health and my Life!!"

- Jen Nakamatsu


“Momentum is the first and last place I stop every time I travel through Southern California. Dr. Vince and his staff are absolute top of the field as far as diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and most importantly- STAYING HEALTHY. Dr. DiSaia is incredibly thoughtful and patient. In all my years competing and accruing injuries, I would rank his diagnostic skills at the top. He was instrumental in helping me recover from hip surgery and getting ready to compete again. I cannot recommend highly enough the entire scope of what they do at Momentum. Not only is it the fastest means I have found to recover from injury, but if you follow the full curriculum and work with trainer/corrective exercise specialist Dave Sabo, I guarantee you will get hurt less often. Whether you are a top level athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to live pain free, you have found the right place to get healthy quickly and stay that way."

- Tim Schaaf

2-time National Team Member - USA Skeleton

“I am very fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Vince DiSaia's for the past 18 months.  He is a great listener and takes the time to understand my health and fitness goals and on occasion my aches and pains.  He also take the time to educate me on what the body is telling me and how we can work from a chiropractic and functional medicine approach to achieve my goals.  I have never felt better, great energy, increased strength, losing 26 pounds and most importantly dropping 4 strokes off my golf handicap."


- John Harms



Dr. DiSaia,

I can't thank you enough for keeping me tuned up to achieve my personal excellence.

2017 Ironman Arizona: 9:32:57, 1st Place 50-54”

- Mike Collins, Nova Masters Head Coach

Level 4 POSE Running Instructor Multisports Coach

Accomplished Triathlete


“After years of terrain running, speed skating, gym sessions, and mountain biking, my body broke down especially when I didn’t give it a rest… It is difficult to find a doctor who understands not only the injury you are dealing with but how the injury relates to your activities. Having someone who understands the terminology and specific activity-related causes of an injury was integral in helping me overcome the problem as well as avoid future setbacks. Dr. Vince DiSaia has this knowledge and it can benefit any athlete facing an injury or pain. I was referred to Momentum Sports Therapy by a fellow athlete and I would recommend Momentum Sports Therapy to anyone who takes their health seriously and who wants to recover from an injury as quickly as possible. Within a few short weeks of aggressive Active Release Therapy sessions, and without any disruptions to my activities, I am pain free. I’ll forever be a loyal client to Dr. DiSaia and Momentum Sports Therapy.”

- AJ Sura

sam-sunshine-testimonials“As a sports medicine physician, I have had the opportunity to work alongside outstanding therapists and chiropractors over the years. As an endurance athlete, I have been fortunate to receive excellent treatment for nagging injuries. Dr. Vince DiSaia specializes in Active Release Therapy and is a leader in his field. He treats all of his patients independently and always maintains a professional level of care. As a colleague, I have referred numerous patients to Dr. DiSaia who have consistently obtained excellent results. As a patient, I have experienced his uncanny ability to resolve my muscle and joint ailments and help me return to my sport sooner than expected. I highly recommend Dr. DiSaia to my patients and to anyone who suffers from persistent musculoskeletal pain.”

- Sam Sunshine, M.D., FAAFP

OC Sports & Wellness

Family & Sports Medicine

Vince-D-testimonials“Dr. Vince DiSaia and the therapists at Momentum Sports Therapy will get you back on the road or trail and keep you at your best. I first sought help from Dr. Vince after a lower back injury due to a crash while training. When we cyclists crash, our bodies tense up to protect our backs, organs, and essential functions. This can really tweak and twist your spine and other muscle groups. I had such bad back pain I couldn’t sleep, walk, let alone race and I was a week away from the largest, professional cyclocross races in the U.S. Dr. Vince explained Active Release Therapy to me in simple terms and with no tricks or traps. He was totally focused on fixing me and sending me out to race. After two or three visits, I had almost no pain and was ready to race! Dr. Vince reviewed my stretching routine with me and added key stretches for my hip flexors which turned out to be the root of my back tightness. Every time I hit the deck, dirt, or trail, I go see Dr. Vince so he can fix me up and get me back on the path to competition.”

- Ted Willard

SDG Felt pb. iRT Professional CX and MTB Team


“My wife Jennifer and I are competitive triathletes and have participated in the sport for many years. One of the biggest challenges we face as athletes is managing the nagging injuries that long distance triathlon training causes. We both have experienced significant low back problems as well has lower extremity issues in our past. We began working with Dr. Vince DiSaia in 2009, receiving ART therapy on a regular basis. I can say with no hesitation that we both achieved outstanding results this year because of the therapy we received from Dr. Vince. He works specifically with the muscles that need the greatest attention. His understanding of biomechanics and muscle structure led to great improvements in our recovery time and a reduction in general muscle soreness. Jen and I both produced half-Ironman and Ironman triathlon personal records (PR) in 2009 as a result of better recovery and improved muscular flexibility. The physical demand of Ironman triathlon training limits many athletes race performance because they don’t take recovery as seriously as their training. Dr. Vince’s ART combines deep tissue therapy with stretching to increase muscle flexibility and speed recovery after long training sessions. Jennifer competed at the Ironman World Championship in October, just 6 weeks after finishing second overall at Ironman Canada. She finished first in her age group and is the 2009 Ironman World Champion in the 35-39 age group. She could not have done so without the recovery benefits she gained by working with Dr. Vince. Jen and I will receive 2009 All American honors from USA Triathlon, due in large part to our time with Dr. Vince.”

- Mike Chalmers: 2009 40-44 Georgia Half Ironman 2nd Place Finisher

- Jen Chalmers: 2009 W35-39 Ironman World Champion

neale-smith-testimonial“I work with serious tournament golf professionals, over the last ten years my clients have won over $20 million in prize money, over ten titles on the PGA Tour & been on Ryder & Presidents Cup teams. To reach their full physical potential I encourage them to seek out the highest quality of training & treatment options to ensure their bodies are moving as efficiently as possible. That’s why I recommend Momentum Sports Therapy, Dr. DiSaia and Dave Sabo are providing cutting edge service with professionalism & compassion. I have referred several of my clients there & personally use them regularly.”

- Neale Smith, MS

Performance Psychology Consultant & Golf Coach

Will-Yanagisawa-testimonial“I first went to Dr. Vince DiSaia towards the end of 2007. I was experiencing pain in my thoracic back and having difficulty with hip rotation. As a touring golf professional, I have had access to many excellent PT’s and Chiropractors over the years who have all been very helpful. However, the pain I was experiencing seemed to recur often and so I decided to search for an alternative method. I was simply amazed by Dr. Vince’s understanding and application of Active Release Therapy as it pertained to my case. His understanding of how my body functioned during the golf swing enabled him to pinpoint the problem areas and focus my treatments accordingly. I felt immediate relief from pain after the first two visits and have been pleasantly surprised by the relative infrequent recurrences. In addition to keeping me loose as a goose, pain-free and competitive, Dr. Vince has also been a tremendous resource for nutritional advice as well as guiding me through effective training techniques to increase my overall strength, flexibility and competitiveness within my sport. Dr Vince’s impressive knowledge and expertise coupled with his easy going style makes it easy to highly recommend him to anyone wishing to move and improve. Thanks, Doc!"

- Will Yanagisawa

Professional Golfer

Barron-Maizland-testimonial“An Achilles tendinitis injury and shin splints were preventing me from physically running during months of training. I was doing everything that I have read about the injury but nothing worked. After months of running with my injuries I started my treatment at Momentum with Dr. Vince. After only 4 sessions of A.R.T. I was able to train and race at full capacity just in time for my state race. I have been an injury prone runner ever since I started 10 years ago and this has been the best solution for my problems. I would recommend Dr.Vince for all athletes to start using, he saves lives!”

- Barron Maizland

Collegiate Track and Cross Country Athlete

“I was referred to Dr. Vince by my previous A.R.T. provider when I moved to Southern California. He quickly got up to speed on my injuries and I was training again without any pain after only a few visits. When I mentioned that I really wanted to improve my running economy, we set up an appointment to do a performance screen. The screen identified several muscle groups which needed to be strengthened if I was to improve my running form. Dr. Vince then put together a challenging program to work on my weak areas and I’ve seen dramatic improvements in my form and fitness as a result. I consider the team at Momentum Sports Therapy an invaluable training partner in my pursuit of faster and safer marathons.”

- Doug Buurma

Marathon Runner

“I swim competitive master’s swimming with the Mission Viejo Nadadores. I currently have two World record relay swims and have Top 20 National rankings in my three SCM Breaststroke events. My training generally consists of 5 – 11 swims a week totaling 15,000 – 40,000 yards, weight–training three times a week and 10 miles of aerobic cycling 5 times a week.

In February of 2010 after swimming over 70 miles in the month of January, I devastated one of my shoulders which left me unable to swim. After three months of pain and rest, my shoulder had not healed. After one of Dr. Vince DiSaia’s ART therapy session’s I was able to get back in the water and resume my training with my range of motion back. After two more ART sessions and a specific training plan I was able to resume my training and racing, including two personal best swims since college.

I highly recommend Dr. Vince DiSaia and his specific ART therapy. What I consider he did for me is nearly miraculous. His attention to detail and specific diagnosis and therapy quickly and effectively healed my shoulder. He gave me my competitive life back!”

- Brett Olson

Nationally Ranked Breaststroke Swimmer

“My long journey to my first Ironman was a struggle to keep with numerous nagging injuries. I would miss workouts and was fearful that I would not be able to continue with the training necessary to complete the distances of the Ironman race. After a friend recommended Dr. Vince DiSaia to me I went and saw him. The very next day I was able to return to training. With a couple of follow up visits I had regained the confidence to train hard. I tell those who will listen to me that Dr. Vince can fix them too. Thank you Dr. Vince for helping me realize my dream of completing my first Ironman. My success was in your hands.”

- Kevin Seres

Ironman Triathlete

“I have had minor back pain, but enjoyed golfing all the time. I began seeing Dr. Vince to see if he could treat my back problem and to see what could be done to improve my golf swing. After Dr. Vince evaluated me on different aspects from mobility, to stability and more, he found out that it was not only my back but also my hips that were affecting my golf swing. After a couple of months of being treated by Dr. Vince, my back was better and my range of motion in my golf swing improved. I was hitting the ball about 10 to 15 yards farther than before. Yahoo!! I was also hitting more fairways.

Dr. Vince’s knowledge about golf swing and the way the body works has helped me greatly. The book that Dr. Vince co-wrote, Golf Anatomy has also helped me learn how to improve my game, by improving my body. For anyone that wants to improve their golf game, I recommend that you see Dr. Vince and get his book, Golf Anatomy. I also love talking about golf with Dr. Vince. He is a wonderful and caring person.

Besides golfing, I like being active…But I also tend to get injured a lot. From bungee jumping, hiking, the Irvine Mud Run and working out on a regular basis, Dr. Vince has been very important in helping me recover from all the different injuries that I have sustained in the past year. From twisted ankles, back pain, leg pain, shoulder injuries, golfers elbow, and more, Dr. Vince has also helped me in learning how to better care for myself, in regards to fitness, nutrition and general well being.

He has been a big driving force for me, in making better eating choices. I also drink a lot more water (not soda) because of Dr. Vince’s encouragement. I have added proper supplements and minerals to my diet, which I learned from him. He is helping me to be better informed on nutrition, especially due to my diabetes.

Dr. Vince has helped me to heal, get better quickly and encourages me to stay healthy. Dr. Vince is Great! He makes me feel like a world class athlete, even though I’m just an average active person. He is very kind and courteous. I can’t thank Dr. Vince enough for helping me and encouraging me to be a better healthy individual. I recommend him to everyone.”

- Jen Nakamatsu

Buena Park, CA

“When I first went to Dr. Vince I had been having pain in my shoulder for over 3 months and had stopped all of the exercising that I loved in hopes that it would get better. I had been going to physical therapy at least three times a week and doing the exercises that they had recommended, but was not feeling a huge improvement. Frustrated, I decided to try something new and reluctantly decided to give ART a chance. With one visit, I felt a big improvement and was able to start swimming again almost immediately. It did not take long before I was back in the pool and feeling stronger. I love that Dr. Vince does not pressure you to repeatedly come back for more and that he truly makes it his goal to have his patients back to health as quick as possible. I still visit Dr. Vince when needed and leave feeling great after every visit! I pass on his name to athletes often!”

- Renee Savant

Newport Beach, CA

“My husband and I were referred to Dr. Vince to help us with our aching bodies! I was diagnosed with a severely bulging disc causing pain in my low back and numbness in my leg. The neurologist had stated the only way to help heal my back was surgery and being in my early 30′s at that time surgery was not an option to me. I had tried various chiropractors, physical therapists, exercises and a new bed to try and heal my neck and back.

I visited Dr. Vince and he explained and was confident that being aware of your core during general daily movements, the ART treatment, and specific daily exercises would improve my situation. After a few visits, I was wary, thinking this treatment was just another try to help my aching, pain filled body. But then after a few more visits, being disciplined to complete the daily exercises and staying aware of my core, I progressively was getting better. Then it just seemed like one week I seriously had no more pain. I was amazed and so thankful that ART had worked for me. It is now months later from weekly treatments and I am still healed and raving to people about how ART was such a miracle for me!!!”

- Becky Isaacs

“I’m a 60 year old active man. I walk daily and do Pilates and play golf twice a week. I awoke on a Monday morning with a severe case of Plantar Fasciitis. From a previous case I knew of the pain I would suffer and the 3-6 months of restricted activities I would hate until it was cured. I hopped on one leg to my computer, searched the internet for new treatments, and found a possible, short term treatment called Active Release Treatment (ART). I called Dr. DiSaia that morning, received my first treatment that afternoon, and was cured in five more treatments: 12 days, not six months. In addition I was provided a calf stretching plan to hopefully prevent further occurrences. Thanks Dr. DiSaia!”

- Mike Cooper

“I would like to offer a testimonial for treatment given by Dr. Vince DiSaia. I am a 62 year old man that has had a very active life style filled with a variety of sports. During the last 3 years both of my shoulders were getting progressively more and more sore with increasingly less range of motion. I had stopped weight lifting, golfing, and found it very painful to just play catch with my grandson. I visited 2 Orthopedic surgeons who suggested joint replacement surgery for my right shoulder right away and eventually also on the left shoulder. I did not think these were viable options at my stage of life. I visited Dr. DiSaia in November of 2008, he reviewed my x-rays, suggested a series of treatments. I started seeing him twice per week and after only 5 or 6 sessions the pain was going away, my range of motion was back to almost normal, and I had started weight training with a personal trainer. I feel the results of his treatments exceeded my expectations and often refer to the way I feel these days as a miracle. I highly recommend him and suggest that you give him a chance to help you before you ever agree to surgery.”

- Larry Brewer

“I had been suffering with severe neck and shoulder pain for six years when a friend referred me to Dr. Vince DiSaia. I had restricted movement in my neck and shoulders due to scarring from surgeries and radiation from cancer. I also had limited movement in my left arm and was unable to swallow. I had resolved myself to the fact that this was how things were going to be for the rest of my life. It took me a while to finally schedule an appointment with Dr. Vince since the thought of seeing another doctor was the last thing I wanted to do. My thought was, “He’s a bone doctor. What could he do to help me?” Boy was I wrong. When I first met Dr. Vince his complete attention to my situation, thoroughness, and caring demeanor was so comforting to me. Ultimately, he put together a treatment plan using the Active Release Technique (ART) and in a very short time was able to substantially reduce my pain, increase the movement in my neck, and help me regain strength in my shoulder. He has even reduced enough of the scarring in my neck and throat that I can swallow! My doctors are amazed at the improvement. Now when I visit my doctors they can use less invasive techniques to examine me instead of the more radical approaches they have had to do in the past. I am so happy I can be more involved in my husband and children’s lives. I highly recommend Dr. Vince to everyone I know. He has completely changed my life. I only wish I had decided to see him sooner.”

- Cindy L.

Lake Forest, CA

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