The Easiest Way to Reduce Inflammation

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The name of the game for maintaining health is keeping inflammation under control.  Every disease on the planet has inflammation as part of its process.  Every doctor on the planet can agree upon this fact.  We have many tools that ultimately are designed  to reduce inflammation in the body to improve our overall health status.  This can be from many different forms: supplements, prescription drugs, lifestyle changes, dietary changes, etc.   However, one of the most basic forms of combatting inflammation in not purposely done by most people.  This is probably because we are never taught about it and so never do it.  This simple tool is called Grounding and it couldn’t be any easier!  All you have to do is put your bare skin in contact with the Earth.  And while this may seem very ‘granola’ and ‘hippie’ the physiological effects are evident.  When you are in contact with the Earth your body naturally absorbs its electric field.  This electric field just happens to be a flow of electrons that can help counteract the free radical, or positive charge, present in our bodies.  This doesn’t just mean if you have a swollen ankle that shows visible inflammation.  Free radicals are present everywhere in your body and many healthy chemical reactions in your body produce free radicals.  Now, our body does have natural defenses against these, but in today’s world we are bombarded with free radicals and external electric charges that affect our bodies.

The first thing to understand is that our bodies are basically made of varying charges.  Our heart beats off of an electrical charge.  Our brains work off of electricity.  Our muscles constrict due to electrical charges.  So, avoiding interference towards our body’s electrical field seems like a wise thing to do.  However, we cannot avoid many of these interferences.  Things like bluetooth, wi-fi, electrical wires, computers, etc. all have electrical charges that our bodies are affected by.  While most of us don’t feel the negative consequences of these electrical fields, they are in fact affecting us.  Again, we have natural defenses agains these, but if we can reduce these stressors to our body is gives us a much better chance to improve recovery potential and overall health.

This is where Grounding comes into play.  By getting in contact with the Earth you are absorbing the electron field and helping to counteract this ‘electric interference’.  If you were able to do this daily you would be helping to return your body back to a healthy electrical balance.  The problem is that most of us are NEVER in contact with the Earth. Think about it.  How often are you barefoot in nature.  Some of us haven’t done that for months!  Even if we do go barefoot it is typically in our house which doesn’t allow us to absorb the Earth’s electric field.  Try to think about the last time you were grounded.  Hopefully for some of you this was recent!  But I would bet that many of you can’t even remember the last time (unless you were recently at the beach).  But, I bet that we can all easily recall when we were around devices that interfere with our body’s electric field! Typically because we do this everyday, ALL day.  Anything that is plugged in can do it.  For many people sitting next to a computer for 8 hours a day is just a reality that we can’t avoid. 

So, let’s see what you can do about it.  Firstly, just get in contact with the Earth as often as possible.  Here are the rules so that you know you are actually getting the benefits:

Skin is Essential


You have to have bare skin to make it work. Socks and shoes don’t work.  The only exception (if you can find them) are sandals that have a metal conductor built into the sole that contacts your feet.  If not, just get barefoot!  It’s also better for strengthening your feet.

Dirt is Best!

Just get dirty!  This is one of the best ways since you are directly in contact with Earth with nothing separating you from its benefits.

Grass Works, but Best if Wet!

Grass can work but exceptional thick grass can mute the benefits.  However, if the grass is wet (like early morning dew), it acts as a conductive medium and greatly enhances your absorption.

Sand is Amazing

Besides having great mental calming effects the beach is one of the best places to ground.  So, next time your are there just take the time to stick your feet in the sand.

Asphalt Doesn’t Count

The make-up of asphalt just doesn’t let the electric field through.  You’ll be getting black feet without the benefit!

Concrete Can Do the Trick

Concrete does in fact allow the electric field to penetrate.  So, if there is no Earth around then find some concrete to at least get some benefit.


What If I Just Can’t Find Time to Get to the Earth??

While this is sad, it is a reality for many of us.  Luckily there are companies now that create products that can allow us to ground ourselves at work and even while we sleep.  They simply utilize the grounded part of your plugs (the little circular part of the plug).  This part of the plug is actually connected to the Earth so when you access that portion only you are basically accessing the Earth.  So, get a mat for work or buy a sheet for your bed.  The more time you can spend grounded the better your health benefits will be and the more you will avoid the negative consequences of the electric fields around you.  For more information on products or to read the book that shows the studies on how grounding can help go to

Every little thing that you can do to improve your health can make a difference.  Sometimes the simple things can make the biggest impact on our health.  Take advantage of this simple trick.  You can do it everyday and the best part is that it is completely free!