What are Amino Acids?

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It seems like everyone is talking about amino acids lately.  It’s almost as if they are the next great discovery in the fitness world.  But what are they exactly?  Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and they are crucial to many processes in the body.  On a molecular level, they carry cells and help with reactions in your body.  Because of that, it’s very important for everyone to have enough of them and to have a full spectrum of them as well.

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Amino acids have been very popular in the fitness world.  Many trainers and nutritionists recommend taking them before, during and after workouts.  The reason for this is that when you workout, your break down your muscles.  In order to rebuild your muscles, you need protein. 

For example, lets say you decide to take amino acids during your workout.  Doing this will make the breakdown of your muscles less severe and will help rebuild your muscles faster.  This is because instead of your body having to search for those nutrients, you are providing everything right away, thus allowing your body to get what it needs at the moment it needs them. 

So how do you get amino acids?  If you eat protein of any kind, you are getting amino acids.  However, it’s important that you get a full spectrum of protein.  Meat of any kind has the full spectrum of protein, so if you eat meat, getting the full spectrum won’t be an issue.  If you are a vegetarian on the other hand, you can still get the full spectrum, you just have to vary your sources of protein and be more conscious of your diet. 

One of the best sources of protein is actually in eggs.  They are packed with nutrients and are a great way to get the protein you need. 

However, with any food you eat, your body needs to break it down before it can be used to fuel your muscles.  By taking amino acid supplements, it allows your body to have the raw materials without having to break them down. 

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